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Meet The Therapist

Jasmine Brooks

    Utilizing and incorporating her bachelors and masters degree in Kinesiology with a focus on athletic training, as well as her passion for sports and assisting others in rehabilitation for optimal performance Jasmine has successfully been able to obtain her license in Massage Therapy and adhere to her clients needs. As a former division 1 collegiate athlete, she has developed a more refine ritual of perfecting and evolving her craft.

     Jasmine specializes in sports massage therapy but is knowledgeable and very capable at performing many other modalities. She also takes the time to cultivate the minds of her clients so that they not only thrive after their awesome massage service, but they are also well versed in the maintenance process as well. She is extremely determined to be as knowledgeable about the body as she can for her clients, and is continuing her education to receive her doctoral of Physical Therapy while along this health and wellness journey with her many clients .

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